Pension Board Member Handbook

Member Handbook

A handbook has been produced and published by the Berkshire Pension Fund to assist members of the Local Pension Board in their role of assisting the Administering Authority in securing compliance with the LGPS Regulations and other Legislation relating to governance and administration of the Scheme and of any requirements imposed by the Pensions Regulator.

The handbook provides may links to supporting documentation and will be of use to elected and other members of both the Berkshire Pension Fund and Berkshire Pension Fund Advisory Panels.

The handbook has been compiled in several sections all of which can be found below:

Member Handbook Contents Page 

Handbook Acronyms

Section 1 - Introduction 

Section 2 - Legislation and Regulation 

Section 3 - Complying with TPR Code of Practice 

Section 4 - Scheme Governance 

Section 5 - Governance Structure 

Section 6 - Statements of Policy

Section 7 - Funding and Investments 

Section 8 - Managing Risks

Section 9 - Overview of the LGPS 

Section 10 - Administration 

Section 11 - Communication

Section 12 - HM Revenue and Customs 

Section 13 - The Government Actuary's Department 

Appendix 1 - Council Constitution parts 6 and 7 

Appendix 2 - Code of Conduct for Pension Board members 

Appendix 3 - Terms of Reference for Pension Board members 

Appendix 4 - Schedule of Attendance 

Appendix 5 - Training Policy and Framework 

Appendix 6 - Third party contracts 

Appendix 7 - Supporting documentation

Whilst not an authoritative explanation of the law, it is hoped that the handbook will become a useful reference source to all individuals involved in the governance and administration of the Berkshire Pension Fund.