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my pension ONLINE

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my pension ONLINE

my pension ONLINE


What is 'my pension ONLINE'?

'my pension ONLINE' is an internet based application, which enables you to securely access and update your own pension details online via The Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund website from the comfort of your own home or workplace using a desktop PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

What will 'my pension ONLINE' allow me to do?

Depending upon your membership type, through simple navigation and easy to use screens, 'my pension ONLINE' provides you with access to and enables you to perform the following:

As an Active or Former member of the scheme you can:

  • View/update your personal details
  • Perform benefit calculations
  • Access all publications such as your Annual Benefit Statements, Scheme factsheets and Newsletters
  • Create or update your Death Grant expression of wish

 As a Retired member of the scheme you can:

  • View/update your personal details
  • View your P60  and payment history
  • Access all publications and newsletters
  • Calculate the value of your Survivor benefits

If you would like to sign up to 'my pension ONLINE' please see our Terms and Conditions 

If you have received an activation code you can activate your online account and complete your registration

Or if you have already signed up log in to your existing online account 


For step by step instructions to register for 'my pension ONLINE' you can download our registration factsheet.