Reporting the Death of a Member

Death in Service

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Reporting the Death of a Member

To report the death of a scheme member please contact the pension team directly on 01628 796 668. Alternatively you can contact us by email

When contacting us we will require the following information:

  • Full name of member

  • Date of death

  • National Insurance number

  • Next of kin details

Notifying us through 'Tell Us Once'

Tell Us Once (TUO) is a service that lets an individual reporting a death inform many Government organisations in one go. At a stressful time, it saves the individual from having to contact a number of different organisations, and for the organisations themselves, means they get informed of the death quickly, from a central location, and officially, meaning separate verification is not needed.

If a match is found through TUO, the Berkshire Pension Fund will receive a formal notification of the death including the next of kin/executor details.