Changes to your Job

Changes to your Job

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Changes to your Job

Changes to Job

In this section you will find information on how a change in your job may affect your pension benefits. Some of the topics included refer to changing your hours of employment and taking a drop in salary. You can also find out what happens to your pension contributions if you have a leave of absence.

Leaving the Local Government Pension Scheme

On leaving the Local Government Pension Scheme without an immediate entitlement to receive your benefits, you will have following options:

  • Deferred Benefits

  • Transfer to another Local Government Pension Fund if you take up further employment with an employer who participates in the LGPS

  • Transfer to a non-Local Government pension scheme such as a new employer's scheme or even a personal pension plan

  • Refund of pension contributions (if you have less than 2 years of Scheme membership including any membership you may have transferred into the Scheme from other pension Schemes)

To find out about these options in more detail please check our Leaving the Scheme webpage